Angel Episode 33 "Redefinition" Summary

There are 2 survivors of the massacre- Lindsey & Lilah, left human. Darla & Dru enlist Wolfram & Hart's new head of the Special Projects division (the Special Project is Angel). They want to take over L.A. & they need the connections, money, & power that Wolfram & Hart have to do it. They figure either Lindsey or Lilah will get the promotion as division head, & since Lindsey is already under Darla's thrall, they left him & Dru's choice alive so they can work together. Darla says that she hates being used & she sent the firm a "15 body memo" about them using her to get to Angel. Now she wants to be the one pulling the strings. Her & Dru go to a place where demons fight each other for sport & announce that they're recruiting members of their brute staff. Angel's been preparing himself for the fight with Darla & Dru. When he thinks he's ready, he goes out to fight them, disguising himself & going to the demon fighting place. Dru senses Angel's there & says that Angel remembers when Darla was warm & that he still sees what she was. Both Angel & Darla are riled by this, & for Angel, it means he's too close to what Darla was & he can't fight them. He leaves. Meanwhile, Lindsey & Lilah suspect that their employers will pick one of them as a scapegoat for the massacre, kill that one horribly, & promote the other. The two are called in for a meeting. Wolfram & Hart decide that both candidates are flawed for the position as division head, but that together- with their competition- they could do the job well, until the time they decide to narrow the position down to one... Cordy, Wes, & Gunn are shocked at being fired. They go separately to the demon Karaoke bar so that The Host can tell them what to do next with their lives. They get a little drunk & sing some Queen. The Host comes up to them later in the night, but he won't say anything, because someone higher up is about to tell them their fortune- Cordy has a vision. They go off to save a life. They get the job done. Angel knows where Darla & Dru are holding their weeding out auditions for muscle in their gang, & gets there before Dru & Darla do. Approaching, Dru has a vision: "Ten little soldiers all in a line. Shot rings out, down to nine." They get to the place & find nine of their candidates dead- & Angel there smoking a cigarette. He doesn't say a word. Dru rants "a shadow". Darla bades a fight. Angels says nothing. Darla begins to sense a wrongness: "Angel? Angelus?" Nothing. Then he drops the cigarette & a line of fire reaches the girls. Darla resourcefully opens up a firehidren & stops the flames from killing the vampires- but leaving them with bad burns. Dru cries & rants: "all gone, he's all gone," & Darla tries to shhh her: "That wasn't Angel. That wasn't Angelus either. Who was that?" Wesley finds Angel training again at the hotel. Wes tells Angel that even though Angel's given up on his mission, him, Cordy, & Gunn will be keeping the agency open.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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