Angel Episode 32 "Reunion" Summary

Angel tries to save Darla from eternal damnation by staking her before she wakes to her vampire-self. Cordy, Gunn, Wesley, & Angel track down Darla's burial place & Angel gets there just before she awakes. But, Drusilla doesn't want her grandmum/daughter to die, so she fights Angel. Darla awakens & a great fight takes place between Dru, Darla, & Angel- each individual fighting each individual. Dru & Darla get away separately. Dru heads to Wolfram & Hart with Lindsey, who seems awfully at home with the insane vampire. Dru says Angel is on the way to Wolfram & Hart. Lindsey gets a call that an untamed vampire is in the building- it's Darla. He's happy to see her. She teases him a little, then throws him across the room, grabs Dru & runs out. Darla slaps Dru around for a little bit & then asks: "why?" Dru says "I thought it was what you wanted, to be saved" & that they've lost their way. Darla understands Dru, kills a bystander, & then takes Dru shopping. Shopping, Holland, of Wolfram & Hart, calls Dru & orders a massacre. Angel goes to Wolfram & Hart where he first meets Holland. Security comes in & Angel tells Holland that they can't protect him. He says they don't need to- Angel doesn't kill humans. Angel says Holland doesn't qualify because he's the puppetmaster to many innocent deaths. Holland responds: "& yet I just can't seem to care". Angel is then picked up by the cops for breaking in to Wolfram & Hart. Fun news for Angel- Kate's part of the team who pick him up, but, she's had a change of heart & let's him go. Darla's on the rampage & Kate can't stop her, but Angel might be able to. Holland is having a little get together for his staff, including Lindsey & Lilah. But they have crashers, Darla & Dru giving Holland just what he wants: a massacre. Meanwhile, Angel figures out where his girls have gone. Holland's wife, although weak, is still alive to invite him in. Downstairs, Darla is giving Holland a speech about what a good friend he is: bringing her back human so she can crawl back to the bastard that killed her to beg him to restore her vampire-self. Darla then goes into a spiel about all the fear in the room- from everyone, except Lindsey. She asks him why he's not afraid. He says he doesn't know. She says he could die & he doesn't care? He responds: "I care. I guess I just don't mind." Angel then arrives. He apologizes to Darla for not getting to her in time to stop her from rising. Darla welcomes a fight with: "come on, love, I never did get that good-bye kiss." Angel responds: "you will, but not tonight". Holland tells Angel to help them: "people are going to die." To which Angel responds: "& yet somehow I just can't seem to care" & leaves Dru & Darla to their prey. Later, he rehashes what happened to Gunn, Cordy, & Wesley. They tell Angel that what he did was wrong & that they are all that is standing between Angel & real darkness. Angel says he knows it & then says: "you're all fired".

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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