Angel Episode 31 "The Trial" Summary

Gunn finds where Darla is staying. Lindsey finds her first. He takes her to Wolfram & Hart where they reveal to her that she's dying. The sickness she was dying of when she was first made into a vampire was something she was reborn with when they brought her back. Darla goes out & tries to get a vampire to turn her. Angel interrupts. Darla tells him what's going on. He doesn't believe it, so he visits Lindsey, who invites Angel in. Lindsey confirms it, showing Angel dozens of doctor's files that he personally sought for second & twelfth opinions. Angel figures out that Lindsey loves Darla. Lindsey scolds Angel for having the power to save Darla but not using it. Angel goes to The Host for help. Darla sings. He advises Angel of this mystical thing that could save Darla. Angel does it. He has to go through three tests. One, where he must face a demon in battle. The second, where he must face crosses & holy water. & the last, a test of death. Angel must choose to give his life for Darla's. Knowing that alive he could save many souls, but with Darla alive, not only would those souls not be saved, but she may fall down & hurt more people. Angel doesn't care. All he cares is that Darla lives, that she gets her second chance at life. He chooses to sacrifice himself for her. But, alas, that was the test, to see if he was willing to give his life for hers. Angel passes & Darla is granted the second chance- but, all is not as simple as it seems, for because she has already received a second chance, she can't get a third. It's just not within their power. Angel freaks. He throws things around & punches walls. Back at Darla's dingy hotel room, Angel tells Darla that maybe she won't be bad if he turns her because of his soul, but Darla tells him no. She's seen now what she means to him. He cares for her the way nobody has ever cared about her & that's all she needs from him. She accepts her death & says that maybe this is her second chance... to die the way she was meant to die in the first place. Angel tells her that he won't leave her, for the rest of her life she'll never be alone. Just at this touching moment, in comes Lindsey with some Wolfram & Hart toughs. They electroshock Angel & tie him up. In comes.... Dru! She sucks up Darla's blood & guides Darla to her chest so that Darla can be reborn into a vampire.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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