Angel Episode 30 "The Shroud of Rahmon" Summary

The episode starts out with Wesley being interrogated by police officers. A body has been found without a head & a female officer may die. Wesley is acting a bit mental, babbling incoherently. The police officers ask Wesley to tell them what happened. He answers: "it all went horribly wrong." He then recounts what happened. Gunn's cousin is in trouble. He's supposed to be a driver for a job that seems too big for him to get involved in. Angel poses as someone involved in the job, Gunn poses as his cousin & they go to do the job- rob a shroud from a museum. Meanwhile, Cordelia & Wesley figure out what the job is- it's to steal this shroud that makes people go insane. They go to the museum to stop the stealers. They are too late & get caught up in the insanity. Meanwhile, Kate gets tipped off about the job &, hearing Angel's involved, goes to the museum to stop Angel. Angel & co. steal the shroud. Things get a little heavy, a guard involved in the heist gets his head knocked off & then Kate shows up. Angel is a little insane & bites Kate. She falls to the ground. Cops break in & Wesley gets taken in because he is found hovering over Kate. The robbers have gotten away. With the full force of the shroud upon them, they bicker & fight among themselves, but Angel gets a hold of himself long enough to burn the shroud. Wesley is back at the police station rehashing what he knows about what went on. The officers don't buy his limited involvement & almost arrest him, but in comes Kate, who has survived, & tells them to let Wesley go. Later, alone, Kate remembers the incident. Angel chows down on her neck, but whispers in her ear to pretend she's dead so the demonic robbers don't kill her. At the end, Angel sits down after a long day at work, remembering his little snack with fondness.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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