Angel Episode 29 "Darla" Summary

Angel continues to be obsessed with Darla, as Darla is clearly on the edge of sanity. The memories of her past are beginning to drive her crazy. Is it the soul stuff? The sudden conscious? No, it's her conflict of identity: is she a vampire or a human or is she just something else entirely? Darla remembers her past in a series of flashbacks. First, the Master, from "Buffy", makes a prostitute with syphilis into a vampire. One, centuries later, where Darla chooses pompous, Angelus, over her sire, The Master. Another where Darla ravages the gypsy tribe that gave Angel a soul. Later, another where Angel pretends that his soul doesn't bother him during the Boxer Rebellion in China so he can be with Darla. Darla figures out that he only kills murderers & rapists, & demands that Angel kill a little baby, he doesn't & runs out. Meanwhile, in the world of today... Lindsey's affection for Darla becomes more apparent. Lindsey kisses Darla, saying he doesn't care what she is. She bites his neck & asks if he cares what she is now. Lindsey says he doesn't care what she is- he cares for whatever she is. Darla seeks out Angel, leaving Wolfram & Hart's clutches. Angel thinks she's ready for her soul to be saved, but this is not the case. She wants for him to end her humanity- her suffering, her heart beating. She says she granted that gift to him & she wants it in return. Angel argues that it wasn't a gift- it was a curse, & the gift is humanity. He refuses to kill her, make her a vampire. Darla then runs out of the hotel (Angel Investigations) & tells Angel to not look for her again.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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