Angel Episode 28 "Guise Will Be Guise" Summary

Angel goes to The Host for some consoling, & The Host sends him to a swami. While Angel's gone, a guy holds Cordelia at gunpoint saying that his boss needs Angel. To save Cordy, Wesley poses as Angel. He is taken to the mansion of a very wealthy man, who is actually a powerful magic man. He says that an enemy of his is trying to kidnap his daughter & he needs Angel to protect her. Wesley takes the job. Meanwhile, the enemy of the wealthy father gets word that Angel is going to that swami so he has a guy kill the swami & then pose as the swami. Angel figures out that the guy is not really the swami because he gives some very unenlightened advice. Over at the mansion, Wesley is protecting the father's daughter, Virginia. This naturally leads to sex. The enemy's people tip the father off that the guy posing as Angel isn't Angel & they rain on Wesley's parade & Virginia is really hurt that Wesley lied. Everyone regroups & figure out what's going on. Turns out that the father is really trying to protect his daughter from getting kidnaped by his enemy because the enemy knows what the father is planning to do to her- which is kill the daughter in a ritual sacrifice that will make the father very powerful. Angel and co. go to save Virginia. They come just in time- but it's actually pointless because the sacrificing demon shows & doesn't take the sacrifice- because Virginia's unpure. Another twist occurs when it's learned that Wesley didn't save her, she wasn't a virgin before him. Also, since Virginia's dad is so rich, Virginia is a sort of a star, so Wesley gets dubbed by the press as "bodyguard to the stars". She gets over Wesley's little deception & continues to date him.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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