Angel Episode 27 "Dear Boy" Summary

The line between dreams and reality begins to mess as Angel is more and more consumed by dreams of Darla. So much so that he confesses to Cordelia and Wesley about the dreams. On a job, Angel sees Darla, only the person who looks so much like Darla can go into the sunlight. Wesley & Cordelia believe it isn't Darla, but Angel's convinced it's her- the woman had Darla's scent. Angel goes to stalk Darla, who is posing as a human. Let me explain this: Wolfram & Hart kill a couple & hire an actor to play the husband & then have Darla pose as the wife. When Angel is stalking Darla, they have a vamp kill the actor and then Darla plays the saint- that he her husband was dead, that Angel killed him & that Angel had been stalking her for weeks calling her "Darla". Of course, Kate goes off & tries to arrest Angel. Later, Wesley, Gunn, and Cordelia convince Kate that, duh, if the owners of the house we're still alive Angel couldn't have gotten into the house uninvited. Meanwhile, Angel kidnaps Darla & takes her to an underground watertank for a little chat. She plays the part for a while, & then puts down the front when Angel transforms into vamp face & kisses her. Angel gets a hold of himself, & tries to tell Darla that now that she has a soul all her memories of massacring will haunt her. She says that all Angel has to do to is let her give him a moment of true happiness and they'll be happy together again. Angel tells her that sex with her wouldn't revert him back to his former self because he doesn't, & has never, loved her- because he didn't have a soul before. Darla tries to convince him that his darkness is innate & that his dark side wants out. The sun rises, Darla taunts Angel with the nasty things he said in his sleep. He gets angry & grabs her by the neck, she pulls out a cross and puts it on his chest. She says: "No matter how good a boy you are God doesn't want you." They let go of the strongholds & Darla says: "But I still do" & walks off into the daylight.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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