Angel Episode 26 "Untouched" Summary

Cordelia's visions lead Angel to a girl with telekinesis powers who has just killed some would-be rapists with her power. They soon realize that the girl, Bethany, is a runaway. She's running from her sexually abusive father. She's currently staying with Wolfram & Hart's Lilah, who hopes to turn the girl into an assassin. Angel enters the girl's life just in time, for as Cordy coins, Bethany had a choice in killing those would-be rapists. The girl's on the edge. Meanwhile, Darla progresses her dreams by showing Angel some of the evil times they had together. But, Bethany is messing with Angel's sleep-time so Lilah is asked to get her out of there. Lilah decides to send Bethany's father their way. When he shows up, Bethany is left with the decision to kill or not. She flings him out a hotel window- but stops him before he hits the ground. Angel's empowering of Bethany allows her to go out & get her own life. As Angel & Bethany get her things from Lilah's, Angel smirks & says to Lilah, "looks like you're gonna have to find someone else's brain to play with." To which Lilah replies, "Yeah, we have someone in mind." Also in this episode, Angel puts Gunn on the payroll.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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