Angel Episode 25 "First Impressions" Summary

Darla is visiting Angel in his dreams, little does he know that she's also in his reality. Darla sends Angel dreams where they have a rekindled relationship. Yet there is a dark side to the happy fantasy where Darla is slowly trying to get Angel to see that his friends- Cordy, Wesley, & Gunn- don't give him his dues & that, basically, fighting evil is a thankless, worthless job. In this episode, billionaire David Nabbit gives Angel financial advice on the hotel & Gunn asks Angel for help with a demon in his neighborhood. The group is unsuccessful in finding the demon so Angel goes home to sleep, lending Cordy his car. Cordy goes back to her place where she has a vision of Gunn in danger. With Angel asleep & Wesley unavailable she heads out on her own in Angel's car to save Gunn. She finds Gunn is not yet in danger & vows to stay with him until she can save him from the thing in her vision. Gunn isn't enamored & tries to get Cordy to leave only to find that Angel's car has been stolen. They go out looking for the guy who stole the car & end up at a party that is crashed by vamps. A friend of Gunn's is thrown through a window & takes a big shard of glass to the throat. Cordy saves the girl's life. At the hospital, Gunn's upset because his recklessness has gotten yet another person he cares about hurt (note: Alonna was his sister). Anyway, Cordy & Gunn end up finding Angel's car & the demon Gunn was looking for earlier. Angel & Wesley come to the rescue. At the end, Gunn thanks Cordy for saving his life. Cordy tells him that she doesn't deserve the thanks. The vision wasn't about that particular demon, it was about Gunn living dangerously, too close the edge (exactly what Alonna used to warn Gunn about before Gunn's habits more or less led to her death). Gunn sorta knows that that's a problem & doesn't really argue with Cordy when she says she's going to be there for him until he gets a hold of himself.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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