Angel Episode 24 "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" Summary

Last week, in the process of rescuing the pregnant woman, Angel came up from the sewers in an abandoned hotel. This week, he asks Cordy & Wesley to look into the hotel's history. In the 1950s Angel stayed in this hotel, which was located in the heart of 1950s Hollywood. The entire hotel was full of people who had something to hide. Angel meets Judy. Although Angel wants nothing to do with this woman's life or her problems he ends up getting involved. Judy has stolen a bag full of cash from her employers- a bank- who just fired her because they found out she was part black (she was light enough to pass for white). As you can imagine, she's lost hope in humanity. Angel & Judy teach eachother that the world isn't all bad. Judy makes Angel care enough to acknowledge that something is wrong in the hotel. Something is whispering evil to its residents. Angel goes to a shop in L.A. to find out what the creature is & how to get rid of it. He returns to the hotel as Judy is being harassed by lots of hotel residents incited in a mass panic. Judy, in fear, blames a certain death on Angel. The group lynch Angel. Later, he gets himself down & encounters the demon causing all this mess. Instead of fighting with it, he leaves it to its prey because Angel's just lost all hope in humanity. In the present day, Angel- with Cordy, Wesley, & Gunn- chant the demon into showing itself. When it does, it tells Angel that it's still feeding. Angel electrocutes it & goes upstairs to see Judy. Angel & Judy make peace, & Judy, now free of her paranoia, rests. Angel comes downstairs & tells everyone that they're moving into the hotel. Wesley warns that the hotel is a place of evil, to which Angel replys: "not anymore."

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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