Angel Episode 23 "Judgment" Summary

Cordelia has a vision that leads Angel to a nasty looking demon. Angel kills it only to find that it was protecting a pregnant woman whose baby is supposed to be something great- a seer or a fighter, they don't say. Turns out the demon was like Angel- his breed was something that was evil, but he wasn't- instead he fought for good. To make a long story short- there is this Tribunal. If a champion goes before the Tribunal & defeats another fighter, the person the champion is representing is granted asylum- protection. Angel killed the pregnant woman's champion so Angel has to take his place. Of course, Angel defeats the other guy, & the woman and her baby are granted asylum. In this episode Angel is feeling cocky about one day becoming human. He's lost sight of his mission. This case brings him back to reality. Also, Cordelia tells Angel that she's going to be there to fight with him until he is human- even if she does become internationally famous in the meantime. & Gunn meets Cordelia and Wesley as he helps Angel with this latest case. Darla is briefly in this episode- she's recovering & interested in paying Angel a visit. &, at the end, Angel makes a visit to a Los Angeles jail to see Faith, who is dealing with redemption one day at a time- just like Angel.

Episode Summary From: The Buffy and Angel Intersection

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