Angel Episode 21 "Blind Date" Summary

Angel encounters a woman who has just killed a guy. To Angel's shock, the woman is blind. Later, Angel discovers that the woman is currently on trial for murder. She's being represented by Wolfram & Hart- for free, which means she works for them- & naturally, they get her off. Lindsey McDonald, a lawyer whom Angel has encountered varies times, is beginning to feel uncontented. He can't believe how bad he let things get, how much evil things he has done. He's freaked, so he goes to Angel about a new job the blind woman has been given. She is supposed to kill three kids. These kids are seers. Together they are powerful & will continue to increase their powers as they grow up. Angel sneaks into Wolfram & Hart to get disks that will tell him more about the job. Lindsey does his part to help Angel fool Wolfram & Hart's various mystical protectants & gets Angel access to where he needs to go. While getting the disks, Angel sees a golden scroll & takes it- he doesn't know why, he was just drawn to it. Angel finds out what he needs to stop the assassin & saves the kids. Later, Wesley tells Angel that he has translated parts of the scroll that Angel took & that he thinks Angel was drawn to it because it has a passage on Angel himself. The scroll was full of fairly ancient prophecies of do-gooding & such. At the end, Lindsey is going to leave Wolfram & Hart. He's copied the files that Angel took & says that if they kill him or whatever he'll revel them to the public. Lindsey is out. But his boss then offers him a better job. Not because he's scared of what Lindsey could do- he knew the whole time what Lindsey was up to- he does it because he thinks he knows who Lindsey is. & then he leaves Lindsey to decide if he wants the new job or not. Lindsey takes it.

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