Angel Episode 20 "War Zone" Summary

Angel Investigations is hired by a rich, geeky guy who designs software. This guy went to a demon whorehouse & he's now being blackmailed with some pictures of him & a demon-girl. Angel is hired to get the pictures back. While he's doing that he encounters this group of street-kids who have taken up a little demon-fighting. The leader, Gunn, has a little sister who he's very protective of. She's protective of him, too. She fears that he's too close to the edge- that he has a need for death & cares not about the human lives lost while taken down vamps, only that vamps are getting taken down. The group is after a pack of vampires that claim their neighborhood as their territory &, naturally, the vampires are after this group of hunters as well. Angel tries to coax the kids to understand that what they're doing is too much for them to handle & that they are just going to get themselves killed by doing it. (Very good parallel between 2 human gangs.) The vamps take Gunn's sister & kill her & turn her into a vampire. Gunn goes to stake the vamps out & encounters his sister. She offers him immortality & freedom from hunger & the street-life. Gunn has to let go of his sister, the one who he's cared most about & was doing this vamp-hunting for, in order to stake her. After he does, Angel, the rest of Gunn's gang, & the vamps show. Angel offers the solution of a truce- the humans might take the evil vamps out, but some of the humans will go down if they try. Gunn decides he's killed enough today & everyone departs. Later Angel goes to see Gunn & tells him that even though Gunn doesn't want his help that maybe Angel will need Gunn's help someday.

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