Angel Episode 19 "Sanctuary" Summary

Episode 19 - "Sanctuary"
This episode picks up where the last one left off. Angel takes Faith back to his place & tries to get her to understand that it's not going to easy changing & that she can never truly make up for what she's done- but by going through a lifetime of guilt she will save her soul. Buffy comes in, having heard that Faith was in LA, & isn't happy that Angel's helping Faith. Faith tries to apologize, but Buffy doesn't let her. Angel steps in, trying to get Buffy to understand that Faith doesn't need this now. Buffy hits Angel, so Angel hits back. Meanwhile, Cordelia has taken a paid vacation & Wesley is out playing some darts as The Watcher's Council Special Operations Unit show & offer Wesley reinstatement into the Council in exchange for Faith. Although Wesley has faith that Angel knows what he's doing with Faith, Wesley goes along with the Council guys in order to warn Angel that they are coming. They show just after Buffy arrives &, because Buffy has been up against these killers before (when she was in Faith's body), she helps take care of them. Buffy & Faith end up on the roof yelling about the past. Buffy yells that Faith tried to take everything away from her & that she believed in Faith more than anyone. & Faith counters that with that, on the other side of the rivalry, Faith just felt pain, hate, & inadequacy- which was hell. Then the Watcher's Council guys come in & start shooting- one of them in a helicopter. Angel jumps up to the helicopter & takes that guy out. When it's over, Faith is gone. Meanwhile, Kate, the cop, has taken to some of the more supernatural cases, & therefore has assigned herself to Faith's case. When Wolfram & Hart can't kill Faith or Angel, they go to Kate & tell her where to find the wanted girl. Kate shows up as Angel gets off the helicopter & Kate arrests him for aiding & abetting. Buffy & Wesley go with Angel down to the police station & they all see what's already there: Faith, who confesses to what she's done. Afterward, Buffy & Angel argue & Angel tells Buffy that she can't be doing this vengeance crap in his town, because here it's about redemption. Faith, right now, isn't Buffy's business. In response, Buffy hits Angel with that she's in love with someone new. The episode ends with Wesley & Angel talking about how now Faith has a chance to find peace.

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