Angel Episode 18 "Five By Five" Summary

Episode 18 - "Five By Five"
Cordelia's visions lead Angel to a gang member who Angel takes to testify against some no-doubt evil guy who is represented by Wolfram & Hart. So Wolfram & Hart decide to get some revenge. Upon finding out that the rogue slayer, Faith, is in L.A. reeking bruises on the populous, the firm offers the girl cash for the kill. Faith agrees after hearing who they want her to ax. Faith attempts to kill Angel a few times, telling Angel that they are playing a game. When he doesn't want to play, Faith kidnaps Wesley. After a round of torturing, even Wesley, who beforehand had insisted that Faith was good underneath, gives up on Faith. Angel enters and a fight ensues, after a few rounds of Faith not killing Angel, Angel figures out what Faith really wants and refuses to give it to her. When Angel refuses to kill Faith in the fight, Faith starts breaking down- crying "I'm bad" and "please just kill me". Wesley who had broken free and obtained a knife, drops the knife upon seeing this, and Angel then holds on to Faith as she cries.

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