Angel Episode 17 "Eternity" Summary

Episode 17 - "Eternity"
Angel saves an Actress from getting run over by a car. She's impressed that he has never heard of her & goes to see him about some scary fan letters (a la "The Bodyguard"). She soon discovers that he is a vampire. Turns out, the whole stalker thing was a ploy for media attention to get an upcoming TV role. It doesn't work, though, she loses the part because she's too old- (a la Hollywood) then the idea sparks. Who's gonna live forever- young & beautiful. To induce Angel into making the blood exchange, she slips him a drug (a la Robert Downey, Jr.)- to make him happy. Of course- as Cordelia likes to constantly remind everyone- when Angel gets happy, bad things happen. Angelus is awakened. Wesley figures out that because this isn't "true happiness"- it's just a temporary chemical effect- it'll wear off. However, that good news still doesn't save the actress & the rest of the Angel Investigations team from Angel's current high. After saying some hurtful stuff to Wesley & Cordelia, Angelus is knocked out. Wes & Cor chain Angelus up until he's Angel again. & oh, for an hour or so after he's Angel again.

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