Angel Episode 10 "Parting Gifts" Summary

Episode 10 - "Parting Gifts"
Angel pays a visit to the PTB (Powers That Be) and begs them to return Doyle. They refuse and when he protests that he no longer has access to the visions, they reply that when a door closes, another one opens. Meanwhile, a schwarmy telepathic demon named Barney approaches Angel Investigations for help, claiming that he is being followed by a demon-assassin. Later that day, Cordelia is in the middle of an audition, and receives a vision. She soon realizes there was more to Doyle's kiss than she originally thought. Assuming that she can be rid of the visions by kissing someone else, she kisses Angel, and the new client. After a brief interview with Barney, Angel visits his apartment to see if he can learn anything. While he is there, he encounters Wesley, a watcher he had briefly known in Sunnydale. Wesley was kicked out of the Watcher's Council and is now a rogue-demon hunter in hot pursuit of a dangerous and powerful demon. They soon discover that the demon that was most recently attacked by the killer is of Asian origin. Angel heads over to Koreatown to get more information and Wesley later joins him. After speaking to the dying demon, they deduce that Barney is involved, and Cordelia is is in danger. Meanwhile, Barney kidnaps Cordelia and bids her visionary powers at an auction. When the deal goes to the highest bidder, Cordelia's fate is to have her eyes gouged out. Moments before the first incision, Angel and Wesley rush in and save the day. The next morning, Angel invites Wesley for breakfast. Is Wesley here to stay?

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