Angel Episode 07 "The Bachelor Party" Summary

Angel Episode 07 - "The Bachelor Party"
Just as Doyle is inches away from finally making a connection with Cordy, his estranged wife shows up at Angel Investigations begging for a divorce so she can marry the new love of her life. After the initial shock of it all, Doyle agrees to consent tothe divorce. Meanwhile, Angel discovers that the fiance comes froma long line of pacifist demons, but this doesn't seem to rock anyone's boat. After Doyle consents to the divorce, the fiance invites Doyle to join his bachelor party. Unbeknownst to Doyle, the fiance's family has a ritual to fulfill: the fiance needs toeat Doyle's brain in order to have a successful marriage. As the party proceedings begin, Angel gets suspicious and wanders upstairs. There he discovers these demons may not be as pacifist as they seem. He is ejected from the restaurant by the family. Downstairs, Doyle is about to be eaten with a shrimp-fork, but Angel and Cordy and the fiance arrive on the scene and come to the rescue.

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