Angel Episode 06 "Sense and Sensitivity" Summary

Angel Episode 06 - "Sense and Sensitivity"
Kate, (guest star Elisabeth Rohm) hardened by years of police work, enrolls in sensitivity training with her fellow police officers. At first the training appears to be innocuous, but Angel (David Boreanaz) and others begin to notice her excessive emotions.It becomes especially obvious when she pours her heart out at her father's retirement party. Then, the entire police station goes awry. Angel and Doyle (Glenn Quinn) figure out that Kate is in danger because of a recent arrest, and make the connection that the sensitivity teacher is responsible. But after a brief encounter with the teacher, it's Angel who's the new nice guy on the block.At first, Cordelia and Doyle can't deal with the pleasantries,but Angel soon manages to pull himself together and seals the fates ofthe evil hitmen!

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