Angel Episode 05 "Room With A View" Summary

Angel Episode 05 - "Room With A View"
Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter) lives in the projects, and she's not happy about it. When she returns one evening to her roach-infested digs, she decides that desperate times callsfor desperate measures and moves into Angel's apartment. Angel, (David Boreanaz) unthrilled by his new roommate situation, makes a pact with Doyle: (Glenn Quinn) if Doyle can find Cordelianew digs, Angel will help him out with his debt negotiations. Doyle holds up his end of the bargain and finds a stunningly beautiful one-bedroom apartment. At first, Cordy's on top of the world,but she soon gets the willies. Drawers open and close, furniture moves, and the wind blows to and fro. After some research, Angel learns that the apartment was owned by a woman who mysteriously died in the 1950s. Even more compelling is the number of single-woman suicides that have occurred in the apartment since her occupation. He and Doyle figure out thatthere is a ghost that is somehow murdering the women. While Angelis away doing research, Cordelia is lured back to the apartmentand is confronted by the apparition. At first she is overwhelmed,but she later gathers her moxie and sends the ghost back to her rightful place. Elisabeth Rohm guest stars.

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