Angel Episode 04 "I Fall To Pieces" Summary

Angel Episode 04 - "I Fall To Pieces"
As Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) and Angel (David Boreanaz) continue the debate of whether or not to charge for their services, Doyle (Glenn Quinn) receives a vision of yet another woman in distress. Angel pays a visit to her workplace and learns that the woman (guest star Tushka Bergen) is being terrorized by her neurosurgeon (guest star Andy Umberger) who is somehow mysteriously able to watch her every move. After some detective work, Angel and Cordelia discover that the doctor is able to disconnect appendages from his body and prey on his victims. But when the doctor pays a visit to Angel's apartment, Angel separates him - permanently. Grateful for the protection, the young woman pays the agency for its service, and a very joyous Cordy and Doyle go out to celebrate. Elisabeth Rohm guest stars.

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